Weekly #23 West Coast Hay and Straw


Temperature during daytime is over 105 or 110 in El Centro, CA. Alfalfa has strong demand from exporters premium @215-220 and #1 @205-210 however grass hay was so slow for Klein @180-185 and Bermuda @170-175 and green Sudan @195-200 in Imperial.


Ellensburg and Columbia Basis area have nice weather for hay harvesting. The Alfalfa color was not as green as the past 2 or 3 years and back to traditional range.They were also around 50% rain damaged. Baled Alfalfa have wide range for price and quality. Timothy hay also just tarted to cut in Ellensburg and South Basin area but very little 5 or 10%. Price was quoted at 225 for Premium Alfalfa and 215 for Good exportable Alfalfa Hay. however Timothy price was quoted at 280-290 because of strong new crop demand from customers in Asia. Not much exporter’s activities in Oregon.