Weekly #21 West Coast Hay and Straw


Weather conditions in California were hot and dry towards the beginning of the week and cooled through the middle of the week with no significant rainfall associated with the cooling trend. The US Drought Monitor shows 40 percent of the pastures and rangeland in California rated in poor to very poor condition, but statewide reservoir storage is near-average and should help serve as a buffer against drought conditions. This type of hot and cool weather is not good for hay harvesting. Specially exporters demand is growing as moisture was less than before for 3rd cutting in Southern California. The price was 5 or 10 more than before traded @210-215 and Klein Hay @185-190 for Premium and Bermuda Hay @180-190


1st cutting harvested in South Basin in Washington however most of Alfalfa sold to local dairy because Alfalfa price was better than corn and still weather was not good for harvesting. Maybe 30-40% on ground and 40-50% waiting for swathing but seemed some of them already over matured. locally traded @210-215 at the stack. Old crop has been sold @190.00 discounted price.