Weekly #20 West Coast Hay and Straw


Still temperature is cooler than normal in Southern California. Harvested Alfalfa quality was drier than normal year not much premium grade available from Imperial. Alfalfa has sold at 5 or 10 higher than last week around 215-220 for 3rd cutting. Klein for export @190 and Bermuda @180.00 but still demand is light. Specially foreign buyers are watching out strong dollar and weak Japanese yen and Korean won. Strong demand from domestic market as Milk price is recovering.


According to USDA report on May 1, the quantity of hay stored on farms, was estimated 180,000 tons, down 22 percent from 2012 and 49 percent down from 2011. However, still most of exporters are struggling to ship out old crop before mass production of new crop in May and Jun. Heard untested 1st cut big bales sold @210-215 but demand is light. there is price gap between farmers @230-235 and exporters @205-210.00.