Weekly #19 West Coast Hay and Straw


The numerous rain showers and thunderstorm at Central and Northern California and Nevada area. Produced an half inch rain but still in drought. Cooler than average early spring temperature in Southern California produced higher than normal aphids number. The yield decreased around 30-80% in some area like 2nd cut Alfalfa in Imperial Valley. Exportable premium Alfalfa Hay @215-220.00 and Premium Klein Hay @190-195.00 and Bermuda Hay @170.00 in Imperial.


Farmers side was quiet. Exporters are trying to move old crop inventory which was postponed shipment slow demand from Asia to domestic or to other export destination by discounted price. Some South Eastern WA area started harvesting of 1st Cut Alfalfa Hay Farmers are asking 220-230 but not much interesting from exporters who have idea @200-205 for Premium Grade.