Seattle에서 Columbia Basin 지역으로 가는 I-90 East

PNW 지역의 Alfalfa and Timothy Hay를 검품 하기 위해서는 틀림없이 자동차로 지나시는 Washington State의 I-90 East 방향의 Freeway 길입니다.Seattle에서 Ellesburg-Yakima-Pasco를 지나갑니다.

Weekly #13


Corn futures down because of large planting intention and stocks

Wheat futures also weak after USDA report on Mar 28


Started to harvest and sell 1st cut Alfalfa Hay at Imperial and Blythe @215-220 which is US$25-30/ST lower than last year.

However still moisture was too high. Most of 1st cut is delivering to Central California for Domestic Dairy. Export demand slow

Oat hay has been harvested and sold @165-170 which was also US$20-230/ST lower than last year.


Still old crop is being traded

Lower grade Alfalfa and Timothy still available